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Non-availability of medicines adds to suffering of cancer patients

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Number of patients say they experience ‘health setback’

KUWAIT CITY, June 28: At a time when cancer patients need more support and assistance, their suffering increases due to the frequent shortage of some medicines, which exposes them to the deterioration of their conditions due to the interruption of treatment that must be taken periodically. A number of these patients disclosed their pain through the Al-Qabas daily. They demanded that an urgent plan be drawn up to provide all medicines, noting that the cancer patient should receive special treatment, to ensure that the treatments continue regularly

Citizens who are afflicted with the disease emphasized that the state did not spare them anything and provided them with support and care, but they were surprised recently at the lack of availability of some types of medicines, especially ‘chemo pills’, and other related medicines. “When we checked with the doctor supervising the treatment plan, he told us that there are no alternatives to the unavailable medicines, and after a period of abstinence from taking them, we experienced a health setback,” said the patients. In addition, well-informed sources in the Ministry of Health a number of obstacles delay the arrival of some cancer drugs from international factories, most notably the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian war, as well as shipping conditions, and the unavailability of medicines from the manufacturers.

The sources added that the Ministry of Health is facing other problems related to the manufacture of some medicines by one company globally, and there are financial claims made by local agents regarding their accumulated dues with the Ministry of Health. The sources expected the medicines to arrive within a week as a number of cancer patients said that their health condition has improved a lot after taking medications, but their shortage exposes them to immunodeficiency, pointing out the need to develop solutions and treatment alternatives so as not to increase bad health symptoms. The patients request the provision of all medicines without delay, urgent plan for support and care and providing alternatives to importing cancer drugs.

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