Thursday , September 28 2023

Nod to Ras Al-Ard development

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 28: According to a letter sent to the Municipal Council, the Kuwait Municipality has approved the request of the Tourism Enterprises Company to develop the Ras Al-Ard Club, which has an area of approximately 35,265 square meters to avoid overlapping with the adjacent Ministry of Defense site, reports Al-Qabas daily.

It is stated the area of the club totals 33,858 square meters after modifications are made so that the building percentage (building concentration ratio) will be 30 percent of the total site area, equivalent to an area of approximately 10157 square meters; and the percentage of commercial use will be 5 percent calculated from the total area of the plot, equivalent to 1692 square meters, which will comprise of retail shops, restaurants, and cafes only.

The municipality stipulated that it be authorized to move and modify the dimensions of the site and its area not to exceed the areas determined for the site in the event that it confl icts with any existing infrastructure services, or any regulatory reasons, during installation, and adherence to the articles of the state property contract concluded with the Ministry of Finance and applying its provisions.

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