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Friday , December 3 2021

No to bribery, power abuse

Whistle-blowers will be protected: Nazaha

KUWAIT CITY, April 6: Director of Cases and Investigations Department at Kuwait Anti- Corruption Authority (Nazaha) Abdul Hamid Al-Hamr stressed the need to take more measures to protect State agencies from bribery and abuse of power, reports Al-Qabas daily. In a statement to the daily, Al-Hamr affirmed the authority is keen on exerting tremendous efforts to conduct field studies through the liaison officers who are coordinating with government agencies to prevent abuse of power just to get personal benefits and to prevent mediation and favoritism in line with Article Four of the law on the establishment of the authority.

He said: “We are preparing databases and information systems, as well as exchanging information with the authorities and organizations concerned with corruption issues at home and abroad. This is in accordance with the prevailing legislation. We request competent authorities to investigate financial and administrative corruption, uncover violations and abuses, and collect evidence.” He reiterated that Nazaha is keen on protecting whistleblowers; reinforcing the principle of cooperation and participation with State, regional and international organizations; activating the role of civil society institutions and organizations in combating corruption; educating members of society about the dangers of corruption; and expanding knowledge on the means and methods of preventing corruption.

He clarified that Nazaha has the right to ask the competent authorities to take the necessary legal measures to terminate any contract in which the State is a party or to withdraw a concession or sever ties if proven that the laws or contracts have been violated. He said the authority does all these in coordination with the competent authorities as per Article Five of the law on its establishment. He added Nazaha continues to refer reports to the Public Prosecution after completing investigations in a bid to prevent corruption, prosecute perpetrators, seize and recover embezzled funds, and fulfill Kuwait’s obligations as per the United Nations anti-corruption conventions.

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