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No signature on visa from Passport Office

I recently applied for a family visa, and I received an entry visa from Rigae Jawazat. I sent it to India and yesterday when my wife went for medical, they told me her visa was without a signature. And when I checked they were right. From Rigae Jawazat they just sealed the front and backside of the entry visa but there is no signature on the front side. But after talking to the medical center MD they agreed to do the medical. I want to know if I send this visa for stamping without a signature, I will face any problems. The seal is available on both sides, Please advise.

Name withheld

Answer: We want to believe that this was a genuine mistake from the Immigration Department and we don’t think the mistake is fatal and can be rectified if it is discovered at the point of stamping. The fact that your wife was able to enter the country with the same unsigned visa is an indicator that there are other features that indicate the genuineness of the visa.

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