No school in Kuwait teaches Gospel of Christ

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 4: The Ministry of Education (MoE) affirmed that it did not receive any complaint from a parent or any information from teachers about a foreign school in Kuwait teaching students about the Gospel of Christ, spreading the Gospel through its school radio, and renting its building to a church for services. It stressed that it did not notice such activities during the visit of its superintendents who are specialized in inspecting the concerned school and monitoring the progress of the educational process there.

The Department of Private Education stated in a memorandum it submitted to the Ministry of Education that the authority concerned with following up the progress of work in schools is the Department of Educational Affairs. The ministry explained that the private education system in Kuwait is based on some general guidelines that regulate the work of private schools.

The Department of Private Education supervises private schools through a number of central departments, superintendents, and sections. The Department of Educational Affairs supervises private schools and monitors the educational and technical work in them, verifies the qualifications of the members of the educational staff, and follows up their performance through technical guidance for academic subjects.

The Department of Examinations and Equivalencies supervises everything related to student affairs in terms of their registration, issuance and enrollment, and monitors their behavior. It is the only one in Kuwait that is concerned with the equivalence of educational certificates below the university level, regardless of its issuing authority.

The Department of Financial and Administrative Affairs is concerned with monitoring the financial situation of private schools and their commitment to expenses and fees approved by the ministry. The technical guidance of the activities and support services is concerned with providing social and psychological care for students and following up the school activities, in addition to a number of observers and other departments that carry out their duties in light of the terms of reference for each of them. By Abdul Rahman Al-Shammari Al-Seyassah Staff

This news has been read 38697 times!

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