No plans to escalate conflict: Iran envoy

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KUWAIT CITY, April 15: The Iranian Ambassador to the State of Kuwait Mohammad Totonji says the military operation of the Islamic Republic of Iran targeting several military centers in Israel comes within the framework of the legitimate right of self-defense (inherent right of self-defense). This is by Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations and in response to the military attack (armed attack) by Israel of its country’s embassy as it is a diplomatic center that enjoys immunity per international rules and conventions. In a press statement, the ambassador said the Zionist aggression is considered a violation of the United Nations Charter and international treaties, especially the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 and the New York Convention of 1973 on the prevention and prosecution of crimes against persons who enjoy international support, including diplomatic personnel.

Iranian Ambassador to Kuwait, HE Mohammad Toutounchi

He stressed that this was met with an immediate reaction and strong condemnation by most countries and the United Nations. Ambassador Totonji explained that Iran, following the attack on its embassy, initiated several international diplomatic initiatives, including sending an official memorandum to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the President of the Security Council, and demanding that an emergency and urgent meeting of the Security Council be held. The meeting was held directly and they witnessed the condemnation of the Israeli aggression by most parties of the international community and a large number of regional and international organizations. Ambassador Totonji expressed his regret at the lack of an appropriate response from some of the few countries, including America, England and France, as they disagreed with the issuance of the statement of condemnation by the Security Council.

He highlighted the inability of the Security Council, as the authority responsible for maintaining international peace and security, to issue a statement of condemnation in the media, which indicates double standards and does not accept any legal justification. Ambassador Totonji said, “It is natural that such behavior in support of Israel has increased. It will increase the impudence and audacity of Israel’s leaders in continuing their crimes in the region, including their crimes against the defenseless Palestinian people, as well as the continuation of their adventures in the region and the escalation of the atmosphere of war.” He stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s resort to its defensive operations and the exercise of the right of legitimate defense indicates the responsible Iranian approach towards establishing regional and international peace and security at a time when it sees the continuation of illegal practices and genocide at the hands of the Israel’s racist regime against the Palestinian people and its repeated military attacks against neighboring countries and its setting fires throughout the region. Ambassador Totonji explained that his country has repeatedly announced its official positions in its diplomatic dealings within the framework of the rules of principle and is not in the process of expanding the scope of the war in the region. It has demonstrated this on the field through its commitment to responsible restraint. This fact has been repeatedly repeated in the statements of the European parties.

At the same time, self-restraint is not forever, as it seems that continuing self-restraint has led Israel to make mistakes in its calculations. Regarding the inherent and legitimate right of the Islamic Republic of Iran to respond to the attacks of Israel in Damascus, he clarified that his country is not about to escalate the scope of the war in the region. He indicated that Iran hopes that other countries will take effective and deterrent steps to prevent the expansion of the scope of the war by stopping the military machine of Israel against the defenseless Palestinian people and confronting the wrong practices committed by Israel by violating international decisions.

Ambassador Totonji called on the Western protectors of Israel, led by the United States of America, to take practical positions in this regard. Regarding his country’s position in the event that Israel responds to the Iranian operations, he said, “In the event that the Israeli entity or its Western protectors initiate any foolish actions or new adventures against Iran, without a doubt, it will respond hard, firmly, and harshly. The responsibility for the possible serious consequences and repercussions of such a situation rests with the Israeli regime and its protectors. “The Islamic Republic of Iran will not hesitate, if necessary, to take any additional defensive initiatives to protect its legitimate interests against any military attacks and any illegal use of force. “After Iran launched its legitimate response to the Zionist aggression, it sent an immediate letter to the American government through the Swiss ambassador in Tehran (the sponsor of American interests). The Iranian response could have been harsher than what happened, but under the circumstances of the sensitive region and the lack of desire to escalate the conflict, the response came within its limits. “Our goal is also to warn Israel and prevent the recurrence of such crimes and illegal practices.

In the event that aggressive operations are committed by Israel against the Islamic Republic or the interests and centers of the country, the response will be much more violent and harsh. If you truly believe in calm in the region, you must prevent this entity from continuing its crimes. “It is completely clear to us that Israel hopes to involve America in a wide and long war in the region. We recommend that America not fall into the trap of this dangerous game.”

By Fares Al-Abdan Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff

This news has been read 1309 times!

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