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‘No ministries allowed to reduce working hours … only CSC can’

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‘Resignation of head of MoSA’s Computer Dept accepted’

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 6: The Ministry of Education or any other ministries are not allowed to reduce the working hours, reports Al-Anba daily quoting senior government sources. In an exclusive statement to the daily, sources pointed out the Civil Service Commission (CSC) is the authority in charge of taking decisions regarding working hours; while the Council of Ministers issued the decision on the full resumption of working hours (100 percent). Sources clarified it is not possible for CSC to reduce the working hours, while dividing the working hours into morning and evening shifts is also out of the question as all ministries and government agencies have rejected this proposal.

Asked about the 21,000 approved job slots for ministries for fiscal year 2021/2022; sources revealed that 16,000 have so far been appointed and new appointments are being completed until the beginning of fiscal 2022/2023. Sources also talked about the new trend in determining the number of job slots for each ministry, warning this will cause a major crisis and congestion in the employment system if the number of required slots in each ministry is reduced. Sources said one solution is for the government to encourage the youths to work in the private sector by providing them with job security. On the number of advisors for each minister, sources stated that each ministerial portfolio has five retired advisors. If the minister holds two portfolios; 10 advisors are allocated for him, in addition to three non-retired advisors, sources concluded.

The resignation of the director and head of the Computer Department at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Societal Development has been accepted, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting an official source from the ministry. The source told the daily that the two officials resigned on their own free will, stressing the ministry did not force them to resign. He affirmed the ministry will continue to investigate the alleged involvement of these officials in corruption, indicating the officials are accused of disrupting the mechanization of the ministry’s linked to the development plan and conclusion of contracts in violation of the applicable regulations.

According to the source, the investigations and evaluation of computer projects are still ongoing. He disclosed the value of one project was decreased to KD 317,000 as the requested amount — KD 400,000 – is very high (KD 73,000 reduction). He added the computer management file is still open at the State Audit Bureau (SAB) and Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha); disclosing the minister of social affairs formed a team that started working last week. He said the team is in charge of assessing computer projects in light of the suspicions of corruption in the department.

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