‘No increase in price of eggs in Kuwait’

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 19: The head of the Federation of Poultry Companies, Azara Al-Husseini, confirmed the companies’ commitment to the prices set by the Ministry of Commerce and the Union of Cooperative Societies, noting that “there has been no change or increase in poultry products for a long time,” and that the recent rise in prices were notices in supermarkets only due to the increase in the cost of feed the producing companies have to put up with, reports Al-Qabas daily. Al-Husseini Saud the union is “against the idea of monopoly, which was not applied by any of the producing companies, in order to ensure that live and frozen chicken products and eggs reach all consumers without hindrance,” pointing out that “meetings are continuing with the Union of Cooperatives and the Ministry of Commerce, regarding the recent rise in egg prices as the prices of feed are high, and companies incur huge losses daily in return for producing poultry from their farms.

He said that “feed supply chains from some countries were affected during the Corona pandemic crisis and the Russian- Ukrainian war, which contributed to an increase in feed prices in a comprehensive manner, which increased the suffering of national companies that were affected in this aspect,” noting the importance of “attention to these losses, which are now hindering proper production processes, which companies are working to overcome without any impact on the volume of demand and supply for poultry and its products, especially eggs.”

He noted that “the appropriate solution to overcome these challenges is to increase the feed support for poultry companies, and the state is moving towards securing a local stock of feed that covers the needs of poultry farms for many years, especially during crises, in addition to promoting and encouraging investment in the agricultural sector,” stressing the keenness of companies to pump additional quantities of eggs into coops and supermarkets to meet the current increase in demand

This news has been read 16540 times!

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