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No exception to system of fingerprint attendance: CSC

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 6: In light of the assertion by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) that there is no exception to the application of the fingerprint attendance system based on justice, equality and equal opportunities, efforts are being made by some ministries to find a legal exit for some employees who do not use the fingerprint attendance especially those working outdoors, reports Al-Anba daily.

Informed sources told the daily these employees were committed to full time and were dealt with on paper. The signing of the attendance and departure was taken due to the unavailability of the devices.

Therefore, the government does not have attendance records which could be downloaded to the integrated systems in the office. The sources pointed out that the approval of the CSC to find a legal solution is a prerequisite for the coverage of these employees with excellent rewards.

The fingerprint is allocated to 30 percent of the employees hand and is done in whole or in part according to the percentage of commitment to the fingerprint system. The sources added that obtaining only 70% percent and not full does not qualify the employee to obtain the excellent business reward.

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