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No encroachments under high voltage lines

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 19: Deputy head of the emergency team at the Ministry of Electricity, Eng Hamad Al-Mansouri, said the team formed by the Minister of Oil and Acting Minister of Electricity and Water Dr Khaled Al-Fadhel to remove infringements, encroachments and end violations in the power network during a campaign last April on farms and chalets 90 percent of these violations were removed, and announced the launch of a similar campaign in Al-Salam area and high voltage lines in the north and south.

Kuwaiti Municipality at work to remove encroachments on land under high power lines

In a press statement during the campaign, standing below the high voltage lines near the Fifth Ring Road, Al-Mansouri said, the aim of the campaign is to remove encroachments from under the overhead high voltage power lines to facilitate the maintenance work on these lines, in addition to the danger to the lives on the people who have pitched their tents and live underneath these power lines and they hinder the work of the Ministry of Electricity and Water during maintenance.

He mentioned the committee comprises personnel from the ministries from Electricity and Water, Interior, and the Kuwait Municipality. He added, the violator is given two-weeks time to remove the violations, some of whom cooperate with the team while others have to be forced to oblige with help of the Municipality. He indicated that the team will be divided into two – one will go from Al-Salam in northern Kuwait, and the other part to southern Kuwait to remove these violations.

The head of the Violation Removal Department in the Hawalli Municipality, Ayed Al-Qahtani, said according to a complaint from the Ministry of Electricity and Water, the municipality teams Wednesday began the violations removal campaign off the Fifth Ring Road to vacate people from under the high voltage lines.

Al-Qahtani added, prior to removing those violations, warnings were issued to citizens to remove them. He pointed out that the notice period prior to remove is two weeks, and then the municipality takes its measures, and if anyone objects to these removals, the Ministry of Interior takes appropriate action, especially since those lands on which these violations are carried out are owned by the state. He said the violations include beach umbrellas, crops or others, and need a license and approval from the concerned authorities.

By Mohammad Ghanem Al-Seyassah Staff

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