No egg crisis, supply to all cooperatives within a week

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Major egg producers ensure swift supply to cooperatives, prices unchanged,

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 9: According to reliable sources, major egg production companies have committed to supplying their table egg products to all cooperative societies within the next week or 10 days, assuring that prices will remain unchanged. The announcement dispels concerns of a crisis in product availability, eliminating the need for state intervention or importing quantities from abroad to meet local market demands.

This commitment was made during a meeting attended by Faisal Al-Ansari, the director of the technical body overseeing goods and pricing at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Other participants included representatives from the Union of Cooperative Societies, Mishal Al-Anazi, head of the Consumer Protection Association, and officials from leading egg production companies in the country. Sources disclosed that discussions during the meeting addressed the recent scarcity of eggs in cooperative societies, attributing the issue to the companies’ transition from old “large” laying hens to new ones.

Company officials pledged to replenish egg supplies to cooperative societies within a maximum period of one to 10 days, underscoring that the current situation does not signify a crisis in egg production. They expressed optimism about an improvement in production in the coming days and urged the Union of Cooperatives to expedite the disbursement of checks to cooperative societies.

Describing the meeting as productive, sources highlighted the evident cooperation among participants in finding a fair solution to the issue, ensuring the interests of both companies and consumers. They assured that egg prices would remain consistent with the approved rates, ranging between one dinar and 50 fils or one dinar and 210 fils, depending on egg size.

This news has been read 545 times!

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