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Saturday , October 1 2022

No Amnesty For Residence Violators This Year

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Those caught will be deported and will not enter Kuwait and the Gulf countries for 5 years

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 19: A security source revealed that there is no amnesty this year for residence law violators, because large numbers of expats are using other way round for their benefit. Violators who are caught, will be deported after they are stamped they will not be allowed to enter Kuwait and other Gulf States for a period of 5 years reports Al Rai.

Sources said that the authorities are aware that many residence violators escape from their sponsors and work with others, where they earn a lot of money, and then benefit from the grace period and pardon to leave to their countries without paying any financial fine, and return again to Kuwait.

The decisions issued from time to time giving violators enough time to amend their residence status, but some expats prefer deportation in order not to pay any fine, and then return to the country or go to work in another Gulf country.

Many domestic workers flee from their sponsors, especially before the Ramadan season to benefit from making large sums of money by working at home on an hourly basis, relying on an amnesty, but this will not happen again, especially since Kuwaitis and their families are being affected. Sources said that the authorities have warned anyone harboring any workers that violates the residence law, or who are absconding legal measures will be taken against them.

The amnesty period in 2018 was able to rectify the legal status of employment, where violators were granted a grace period and exempt them from paying fines, but currently no exemption period will be given, and therefore the offender has to amend their status by paying fine against violations, otherwise he/she will be deported from the country as soon as he/she is caught, and bio-metric details will be recorded to prevent him/her from returning to Kuwait again, and also preventing him/her from entering any other Gulf states for a period of 5 years

The measures have been taken by the security authorities, continuous raids, field tours and security points have contributed to reducing number of residence violators to about 120,000

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