Nine new projects included in development plan to be completed within five to ten years

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 18: The latest updates of the “New Kuwait 2035” development plan show about 9 new projects are to be implemented within the framework of the plan, in addition to other projects which are in the pipeline, provided that they will be completed within the next 5 to 10 years, reports Al- Qabas daily. Some of the food security projects to be implemented, according to the updates, are expected to be completed after 6 years, in addition to 5 economic projects and two housing projects that will be completed in 2029, and a project for digital transformation of the Ministry of Commerce in 2024.

The modifications made to the plan indicate the concerned government agencies have begun a preliminary study and design for the deep tunnel system in the country, which is estimated to be completed in 2032, and the completion rate of its preparatory phase has reached 2 percent. The authorities will complete 3 projects in 2029 — two housing projects, one in South Sa’ad Al-Abdullah and the other South Sabah Al-Ahmad and the two projects are expected to provide 55 thousand housing units, in addition to a research and development center for water desalination technology using renewable energies.

Three projects have been added to the “sustainable diversified economy”, expected to be completed in 2028. They are the development of Al-Balajat Street, two projects to develop and operate the treated water system in the northern region, and another in the southern region. The construction and operation of a complex for the production of fish and shrimp is expected to be completed in 2029, as part of the plans to ensure food security, the development of the salmon and sebas fingerling production unit in 2027, and a project to develop the national laboratories network. The plan included the digital transformation project of the Ministry of Commerce, the “commercial platform”, and its completion date is 2024; four development projects have also made progress in completion, especially the “e-government to support the justice sector” project, with a completion rate of 68%, and the deadline for implementation is 2025. The percentage of completion of the development and modernization of the structural plan of the state reached 98%, and 76% of the geographical information system.

The rate of follow-up to the implementation of Kuwait’s strategy to enhance integrity and combat corruption, which extends from 2019 to 2024, is 87%. The percentage of completion of consultations for the railway track project of the Gulf Cooperation Council in Kuwait reached 3%. It includes linking with the GCC countries whose length will be 111 km.

The borders of this stage extend from the southern border with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Nuwaiseeb region) in the south to the Shaddiyah region in the north. The development plan indicated that high-quality 15 health care projects are the closest to implementation, most of which will be completed between 2023 and 2025, with the exception of 3 projects whose deadline is estimated in 2026, and a project to combat childhood obesity in 2027. The completion rate of health care buildings, whose completion date is approaching, exceeded 75% of the executive works, while the completion of the Children’s Hospital has been delayed, with a completion rate of only 12%, although the deadline for completion is 2023.

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