Nine firms provide call or internet services to 6.56 mln subscribers in Kuwait

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 27: A recent government report revealed that the total number of subscribers in the communications and information technology market in Kuwait is 6.56 million with 9 companies involved in providing call or internet services. In detail, a report issued by Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA) showed that the three major telecom companies concerned with providing call and internet packages together top the list of companies with the largest subscriber base in Kuwait, with 6.5 million subscribers out of 6.56 million in the 9 companies.

One of the major companies alone has 2.297 million customers, constituting about 53.1% of the population of Kuwait, while the second company acquires 2.292 million customers, constituting 52.9% of the population of Kuwait, and the third company owns 1.917 million customers, constituting 44.3% of the population of Kuwait. The other 6 companies specialized in Internet services have about 53.69 thousand subscribers, with a subscriber-to-population ratio of less than 1% for each company. In terms of the share of the three telecom companies from the Kuwaiti market, one company acquired 35.3% of the market, followed by the second company with 35.2%, and the third with 29.5%.

The communications and information technology sector in Kuwait provides a number of jobs that raise the government’s burden of employing citizens, which contributes to creating new job opportunities for job seekers. The three major telecom companies account for 61.2% of the jobs in the telecommunications sector in Kuwait, with 1,614 male and female employees, of whom 62.2% are nationals, or 1004 male and female citizens, while the percentage of expatriates in these companies is about 37.8%, or 610 male and female employees.

Telecom companies and Internet service providers submitted about 459 promotional offers for their products during 2021, and within the framework of the Communications Authority’s tasks to monitor and follow up advertisement offers for telecom companies supervised by the Market Affairs Department in the competition market sector, the total approvals for all offers and advertisements for telecom companies reached about 427 approvals, while the approvals amounted to ISPs have about 32 approvals. As for the authority’s licenses, the number of approvals related to it reached about 38, including 37 for leasing information and computer services, and one in the field of modern communications (SMS).

This news has been read 10879 times!

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