Nile River Strikers snatch top post – Asian Air Safari down NUSANTARA in PBAK Independence Cup

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KUWAIT CITY, June 6: Two successive victories catapulted the Nile River Strikers to the top spot occupied by Al Qaseem All Stars while NUSANTARA’s loss put the team in the brink of being kicked out now in the ongoing Philippine Bowling Association in Kuwait – 2017 Philippine Independence Bowling Cup held at the COZMO Bowling Center in Kheifan.  Aside from Nile River Strikers other teams that posted lopsided victories against their opponents were Mangaf Strikers, Asian Air Safari, COZMO, Original Pin Killers and Al Qaseem All Stars.

The Asian Air Safari was merciless when it did not give the NUSANTARA team a sigh of relief during the 3-game series encounter  971- 938,  927- 826,  963- 904 (2886- 2668). But the win with low output did not help the Asian Air to improve its standing and remain holding the third spot while NUSANTARA’s nerve-wracking  loss closed in the gap with its two antagonists Mangaf Strikers and Fiery Dragons the holder of seventh and eight positions. Safari’s top scorer was Saleh Khaled (628), followed by Waleed Al Gharib (569), Sonia Mathews (526), Nasser Hajras (517) and Hermie Saliba (378). Indonesian team high scorer was Gantosori (618), assisted by Tatang Razak (483), Ahmad Fahmi (469), Benyamin Hasan, Bima Nitikusumo, Erlissa Gantosori and Saleh Al Faraj.

Another mismatch game was between Indian Bowling League and the title-hungry Nile River Strikers when the latter demolished the Indian team in their 3-game series 991- 804, 993- 957, 1034- 834 (3043- 2495). The NR Strikers’s victory led it to snatch the top position from Al Qaseem All Stars and back to back winner of the Weekly High Series. The 5-man team of the victorious team was led by lady bowler Neveen Wasel (599) supported by Farid Gabriel (566), Rani Skeik (564), Habeeb Reda (530) and Mostafa Dardara (501) while IBL team lady kegler Nadine Diaz (508) was the top scorer assisted by Joe Simmons (433), Jason D’Couza (427), Mohammad Othman (380) and Iman Pradana (366). Cozmo’s lethal win against Swooping Eagles (2954- 2605) formalised its fifth position while the Eagles was glued on the ninth position. Anchor Noe Mahayag with his big points 226 183, 219 (628) piloted his team to the victory with able support of Lito Michael (558), Gani dela Cruz (494), Ruben Cervantes (480) and Ali Al Qattan (469) while Swooping Eagles bowlers were Jessica Balagat (495), Danny Soilis (457), Alonzo Bush, John Caldwell, Riz Roque, Mona Corpuz, Jeremy Roque and Jocelyn Borros.

Although Al Qaseem All Stars won the game against the weakest team INC-K (2951- 2233) still its total score was short of 56 points by NR Strikers to grab the top spot. The prolific scorers of All Stars were Ibrahim Al Jadi (604), Ali Jawli (574), Abdulaziz Al Aslawi (568), Fadel Qaseem (524) and Hanadi Mezaiel (494) while INC-K players were Alex Perez (440), Romy Cruz (377), Michelle Ponce (349), Mario Balzote (299) and Jinky Sobremonte and Hermie Ramos. Another loss halted the Fiery Dragons’ struggle for a better spot in the ‘magic 6’ when it bowed down to Original Pin Killers (2903- 2724). OPK’s 5-man team were Jun Husmillo (607), Rashid Aker Ali (526), Amad Fadil Karam (508), Ishaaq Al Waahid (487) and Aji Varghese (469) while Dragons have Eddie Pena (558), Camilo Baker lll (508), Joel Tizon (493) Maria Perly Virly (428) and Mandy Manalo (406). Finally, Mangaf Strikers humiliated J3RC (2862- 2311) and with the win Mangaf boys was 211 points away from the last seat occupied by NUSANTARA.

Meanwhile, in the team best, Nile River Strikers snatched the Team High Game from Al Qaseem All Stars (1006- 966) and the Team High Series from Asian Air Safari (2900- 2907). In the individual best, in the Individual High Game, Ibrahim Al Jadi of Al Qaseem All Stars snatched from Aseel Al Roumi of Asian Air Safari (269-257). In the Individual High Average –  Mens’Class B Saleh Khaled of Asian Air Safari grabbed from Ibrahim Al Busafi of Nile River Striker (175.58), and in Mens’ Class C – Ali Jawli of Al Qaseem Strikers snatched from Ahmad Fadil Karam of OPK (175.58); Ladies Class A, Neveen Wasel of Nile River Strikers better her previous record (174.23) and in Class B, Nadine Diaz of Indian Bowling League bested the record of Swooping Eagles Angie Bush (153.96)

Category  Name       Individual High Game   Men’s A Ibrahim Al Jadi 269

Men’s B  Saleh Faraj                    245

Men’s C  Ahmad Fahmi                  245

Ladies A  Neveen Wasel                249

Ladies B  Angie Bush                   201

Team High Game (Scratch)

Nile River Strikers  –  1006

Name                           Individual High Average

Fadel Al Qassem                                193.71

Saleh Khaled                                    188.94

Ali Jawli                                          175.58

Neveen Wasel                                   174.23

Nadine Diaz                                      153.96

Team High Series (Scratch + Handicap) 

Nile River Strikers  –  2960

Weekly High Series:

  1. Al Qassem Striker – 2,901
  2. Asian Air Safari – 2,907
  3. NUSANTARA – 2,854
  4. Al Qaseem Strikers – 2,899
  5. Al Qassem Strikers – 2,818
  6. Nile River Strikers –                           2,822
  7. Asian Air Safari –                             2,809
  8. Nile River Strikers –                           3,065
  9. Nile River Strikers –                           2,943

Ninth round results:

  1. Nile River Strikers (25680); 2. Al Qaseem Strikers (25624); 3. Asian Air Safari (25374); 4. Original Pin Killers (25216); 5. COZMO (24677); 6. NUSANTARA (24585); 7. Mangaf Strikers (24374); 8. Fiery Dragons (24163); 9. Swooping Eagles (24029); 10. Indian Bowling League (23658); 11. J3RC (22466) and 12. INC- Kuwait (19863).

By Michelle Fe Santiago

Arab Times Staff 

This news has been read 5539 times!

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