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New prices for home internet subscription in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, March 14: The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Public Authority for Communications and Information Technology (PACIT) Eng Salem Muthaib Al-Athaina, has issued a decision listing the rates for home internet subscriptions for individuals in Kuwait, reports Al-Anba daily. The decision No. 36 of 2021, a copy of which has been obtained by the daily, will be published in the Official Gazette (Kuwait Alyoum) today March 14, states that it has decided to reduce the subscription fees for home fixed, lined and wireless internet subscriptions in Kuwait.

The maximum annual tariff is as for annual subscription is as follows:

The annual subscription for 1 MB is of 20 dinars; for 2 megabytes 33 dinars, 3 MB 43 dinars, 4 MB 52 dinars, 5 megabytes 58 dinars, 6 MB 60 dinars, 7 MB 70 dinars, 8 megabytes 76 dinars, 10 MB 78 dinars, 12 MB 83 dinars, 14 MB 79 dinars, 16 MB 113 dinars, 18 MB 128 dinars, 20 MB 139 dinars, 22 MB 155 dinars, 24 MB 172 dinars, 30 MB 185 dinars, 40 MB 212 dinars, 50 MB 239 dinars, 60 MB 263 dinars, 70 MB 285 dinars, 80 MB 304 dinars, 90 MB 314 dinars, 100 MB 322 dinars.

In its second article, the decision states that home internet service providers are prohibited from exceeding the maximum value for home subscriptions stipulated above, and in the third article of the decision says it is not permissible to impose a fair use policy in providing home internet services. Subscription prices will be reviewed periodically every 6 months and whenever necessary.

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