New portrait of Kate Middleton prompts a strong reaction online

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Controversy surrounds the Princess of Wales portrait set to grace the Tatler magazine cover.

LONDON, May 23: Social media platforms erupted with mixed reactions as a painting of the Princess of Wales, set to feature on the cover of Tatler magazine, stirred debate among royal enthusiasts.

Critics took to various online forums to express skepticism about the portrait, with some going as far as comparing it to a “bad GCSE project.” Others questioned its resemblance to the late princess, despite acknowledging the recognizable dress.

Painted by artist Hannah Uzor, the portrait, based on photographs and videos rather than an in-person sitting, drew both praise and criticism. While some defended it as an interpretation capturing the princess’s expression, others labeled it as “jaw-hits-the-floor bad.”

Among the defenders, one commenter noted that the painting wasn’t meant to be a realistic depiction but rather an image recognizable as the princess. Another praised the artist’s ability to capture the princess’s expression effectively.

However, opinions remained divided, with some commentators, including notable art critics, expressing reservations about the painting’s quality and likeness to the princess.

Tatler magazine described the cover with measured understatement, billing the painting as a “portrait of strength and dignity.” Uzor emphasized the importance of capturing the soul of the subject and explained the significance of the color choice, particularly the “bluey, turquoise” background representing Catherine’s green eyes.

The painting’s subject, the Duchess of Cambridge, remains absent from public events as she recovers following a cancer diagnosis announced in March. An update from Kensington Palace this week stated that the princess would not return to work until allowed to by her medical team.

This news has been read 729 times!

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