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New parliamentary proposal may increase burden on owners of domestic labor offices

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Union expresses rejection to up period of guarantee

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 13: In a new episode of the series of sufferings faced by owners of domestic labor offices, the recent parliamentary proposal to increase the guarantee of domestic workers would definitely add a new burden and may render these offices bankrupt, as stated in a report in Al-Rai newspaper published on Nov 3, reports Al-Rai daily.

The Union of Domestic Labor Officers’ Owners expressed rejection of the parliamentary proposal to increase the period of guarantee for domestic workers or the duration of the contract to two years instead of six months. It warned that, if approved, the foreign recruitment agencies for domestic workers will not send their labor force to Kuwait.

In a statement to the daily, the Union President Khaled Al-Dukhanan said, “If the proposal is approved, foreign recruitment agencies for domestic workers will not send manpower to Kuwait, especially since these agencies currently guarantee the worker for only 100 days as probation, which is three months”.

Al-Dukhanan lamented the potential damage to the domestic labor offices if this proposal is approved, stressing that the proposal allows sponsors to return the domestic workers to the offices even after a year or nine months, which will definitely cause heavy financial losses for these recruitment offices.

He explained, “Extending the trial period to two years is not good for these offices, especially since some of the domestic workers they contract with do not continue their work, which makes the offices obliged to return them to their country at the offices’ expense, because the law doesn’t permit these workers to work for another sponsor”.

Al-Dukhanan said the proposal would render these offices to incur heavy financial losses, given that the law does not permit the offices to transfer any worker to another sponsor, but this is not applicable to the government’s domestic labor recruitment company “Al-Durra”, which is allowed to transfer domestic workers to another sponsor.

He indicated that the union was never consulted in any decision on this matter, although the union is the legitimate representative of the owners of domestic labor offices in Kuwait, which means consultation is imperative in order to express the union’s opinion and provide full clarity on the repercussion of decisions taken in this regard.

Al-Dukhanan called upon the MPs to reject the proposal, as it would firstly harm the offices, and several of them might end up closing due to the items of this new proposal, which would trigger bankruptcy for many recruitment offices.

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