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Wednesday , July 28 2021

New law for transfer of residence from one sponsor to another

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 24: The Director General of the Public Authority for Manpower, Ahmed Al-Mousa, announced new requirements related to the transfer of workers from one employer to another.

Ahmed Al-Mousa

As per the new instructions was issued by the Minister of Social Affairs and the Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Maryam Al-Aqeel, and to have control on the labor market and the keeping control on demographics, the authority has set new requirements related to the transfer of work permit of employees, as per resolution No. 529 of 2020 which was issued for the amendment of resolution No. 842 of 2015 regarding requirements for the transfer of employees from one sponsor to another.

The decision is related to the transfer of employees from the private sector to the sector Government sector, taking into account the procedures in as per the Authority and the Civil Service Bureau and prohibiting transferring workers from the government sector to the private sector.

Spouses and children of Kuwaiti women and the wives of Kuwaiti and Palestinian women who hold documents and holders of technical professions specialized in the medical field in transferring to establishments holding licenses to practice are excluded from this , provided that the nature of their work is related to medical field, such as doctors, nursing staff and others who practice medical specialties according to the procedures in force at the Ministry of Health.

Al-Mousa added that rules have been passed related to transfer the residence of dependent visa (family visa) to work in the private sector, as specific groups have been allowed to transfer to work in the private sector such as the husbands and children of Kuwaiti women and the wives of Kuwaitis, those born in Kuwait and Palestinians who hold documents and those who hold graduation degree.

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