Neuralink’s first human patient controls computer mouse with thoughts: Musk

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Elon Musk.

WASHINGTON, Feb 22, (Agencies): Elon Musk revealed that the participant in Neuralink’s first human trial, who received a brain chip implant in January, has achieved remarkable feats, including the ability to manipulate a computer mouse solely through thoughts. Speaking during a Spaces event on X (formerly Twitter), the 52-year-old Neuralink founder shared that the individual “seems to have made a full recovery” without any discernible adverse effects.

Musk elaborated on the participant’s progress, stating, “We’re trying to get as many button presses as possible from thinking, so that’s what we’re currently working on. Can we get left mouse, right mouse, mouse down, mouse up?”

Neuralink received authorization for human trials in 2023, and the implantation procedure is conducted by a robot. The chip, roughly the size of a quarter, features numerous small threadlike electrodes and was strategically placed in the brain region controlling movement.

Elon Musk envisions the technology providing treatment for various conditions, including depression and schizophrenia. The entrepreneur expressed his aspirations for Neuralink’s potential, naming the first product “Telepathy.” Musk described how this product would empower users, particularly those who have lost limb functionality, to control devices like phones and computers effortlessly through mere thought.

On Jan 29, Musk introduced “Telepathy” as Neuralink’s inaugural product, emphasizing its potential impact on individuals who have lost the use of their limbs. He envisioned a future where someone like Stephen Hawking could communicate faster than a professional typist or auctioneer, highlighting the transformative goals of the groundbreaking technology.

This news has been read 958 times!

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