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Nepal embassy – wrong Birth Year published on passport

I would like to inquire on the issue below on behalf of one of my friends. At the time she came to Kuwait her date of birth on old passport was 30-10-1978. Then, when the old passport got expired, she renewed it. The Nepal embassy put new date of birth on her passport as their local Nepali ID card showed her birth date is 31-10- 1979. On new passport her date of birth is 31-10-1979. But, when her company renewed her visa, she got old date of birth on Civil ID card that 30- 10-1978. Attached is her old Civil ID, new Civil ID, passport front page and paper from ministry. Now we want to change the date of birth and year on her Civil ID. Can you kindly please guide on above.

Name withheld

Answer: It is intriguing to know why on earth two official documents of your friend’s have two different dates of birth and hence leading to the situation in which your friend now finds herself. We advise that your friend goes back to her embassy, show them the different dates of birth on her passport and the Kuwait Civil ID card and ask for their input on how to rectify the anomaly. If the embassy proves unhelpful, then your next port of call should be the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) for directives on the issue.

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