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Need for ‘non-Kuwaiti’ teachers

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Shortage in some subjects

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 30: The Public Education Sector has identified its need for teachers for certain subjects in the 2022/2023 academic year in preparation for the announcement, which is expected at the beginning of February, regarding the opening of application for local contracting for non-Kuwaitis, reports Al- Anba daily. According to well-informed educational sources, there are approximately 11 subjects for which there is a shortage of educational staff for the next academic year, and the ministry needs to fill this shortage. They stressed the importance of adhering to the experience requirement when it comes to accepting applicants’ documents in all subjects except for the female teachers in music education.

The sources explained that applicants with non-educational qualifications should have at least three years of experience, and those with educational qualifications should have two years of experience. The following categories are excluded from the experience requirement — holders of a doctorate degree and have obtained a grade of at least “Very Good” in the university qualification, holders of master’s degree and have obtained an average of not less than “Excellent” in the university qualification, and graduates of the College of Education in Kuwait University, the College of Basic Education in the Public Authority for Applied Education Training, and all other government colleges in Kuwait. Acceptance is limited to passing the personal interview, and no case or specialization will be excluded from this. The sources revealed that the priority of appointment, after accepting Kuwaitis in the required disciplines, for graduates of the local colleges for teacher preparation will be for the following categories — children of Kuwaiti women, Bedoun residents, and citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

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