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Wednesday , April 21 2021

Nazaha report reveals 9 corruption cases, 9 financial violations & 3 new cases

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 16: A report issued by Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) regarding its activities in September revealed nine corruption crimes, nine financial violations and three new cases, reports Al-Qabas daily.

In report No. 2/2020, Nazaha requested for a criminal case to be initiated against a group of individuals under the suspicion of having committed a forgery crime. It also referred two other reports to the Public Prosecution Office for the perpetrator’s commission of crimes targeting public money.

According to the report, Nazaha recommended that five cases be preserved due to the lack of formal requirements, the non-compliance of the reporter against them to the provisions of the law establishing the commission, and the absence of any suspicion of corruption crimes.

Last September, the Corruption Detection and Investigation Sector received 92 reports, 30 of which were recorded in the administrative complaints file, in which the conditions for registering the formal or substantive report did not exist, while the registration of 16 reports in which the formal and substantive conditions were met, and 46 others are being studied.

The reports registered on September 8 targeted directors of departments, in addition to two assistant undersecretaries and one director of an agency, while the reports included nine corruption crimes, nine financial violations, and one not yet specified.

Monitored Issues

The total number of cases monitored by the Corruption Detection and Investigation Sector increased to nine cases, which is an increase of three new cases compared to August.

The monitoring also included a case against the Ministry of Health and another against Kuwait Municipality, while the cases included subject to the Nazaha law with the rank of a minister, director of administration and another unspecified. The monitoring topics included three cases of corruption crimes.

Total reports

The total number of reports submitted to the commission increased during the current year to 692 reports until September, which 646 reports were recorded in August.

The rate of reports increased to 308 since the issuance of the regulation until the month of September, including 57 in 2020. The Ministry of Health, Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources, Kuwait Municipality and General Customs Administration remained the highest in terms of the complaints submitted against them.

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