Nawaf Abdulaziz Al-Jahmah presents lecture at Yarmouk Cultural Centre

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Nawaf Abdulaziz Al-Jahmah delivers lecture at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre on Monday evening. – Photo by Rizalde Cayanan, courtesy of DAI

Nawaf Abdulaziz Al-Jahmah presented a lecture titled, “The Impact of Crises and Disasters in Public Life in the Mashreq: A Reading in the Journeys of Ibn Yonah and Ibn Battuta”, at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre on Monday evening as part of the Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyyah’s 24th cultural season.

Al-Jahmah is an Associate Professor, Department of Social Studies, Faculty of Basic Education, Kuwait, and winner of the Ibn Battuta Prize for Studies in Geographical Literature (2006) for his book ‘The Journey of the Islamic West and the Arab Orient of the Century’.

In his lecture, Al-Jahmah shared that in the Middle East, as in other geographical regions, there were many crises and disasters. The region was marked by a series of major transformations and decisive changes in its historical course. The crises of seismic activity and the epidemic were among the worst afflictions on this society, a man of the Orient lived in that period. Such crises and disasters are still in urgent need of deep study. The history of the Mashreq requires knowledge of all its aspects, without neglecting any part of it.

He pointed out that scientific attention has been given to uncovering the difficult periods experienced by the region in different periods of the Middle Ages and urged the importance of studying the topic of the lecture is to try to remove darkness from the difficult stages experienced by this geographical space when exposed to such crises which undoubtedly have negative effects at all levels, from the economic and  social to demographic side, and has implications for ideas, ideologies and visions.

The title of this topic, identifies the type of image that is known as Rahalin, the son of Jonah al-Taylili (561-569h / 1165-1173) and Ibn Batuta al Tanji (703-707 / 1303). -1368 AD  following the news and references in their work that refer either explicitly or implicitly to this picture, and then moved back to the analysis and discussion, and ultimately consider the  important conclusions reached by the research.

This news has been read 11619 times!

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