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Nations including GCC states update pandemic reports, India suffers most

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KUWAIT, May 23 (KUNA) — The dreaded ghost of the ferocious pandemic, COVID-19, is still haunting nations where authorities continue to update their reports counting deaths and infections of the pandemic. Now India is in the lead with respect of daily deaths. Member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have been updating their pandemic reports on daily basis. In Saudi Arabia, the local health department reported on Sunday registration of 12 new deaths with COVID-19 with 1,067 cases recorded as infected in past hours.
The death toll in the kingdom climbed to 7,249 and the infections’ count to 440,914.

Also in the Arabian Peninsula, Qatar, a GCC country, reported a single fatality, past hours, with the total count of the mortalities with the contagion amounting to 544. The local health department said in a statement 283 were also recorded during same period, putting the caseload at 215,443. The United Arab Emirates, a GCC member state, declared logging three new deaths with the novel coronavirus in addition to 1,591 new contamination cases, over the past hours.
The UAE ministry of health said in a press release on Sunday that the death toll settled at 1,651 while total figure of the infections amounted to 55,610. Another GCC country, Oman, declared registering 1,757 fresh infection cases with COVID-19, over last three days, putting the caseload since eruption of the pandemic at 210,364. Official Oman News Agency, citing a statement by the health ministry, said up to 194,950 of the cases recovered while the death toll settled at 2,265

Iraq, a country neighboring Kuwait, health authorities reported 32 new deaths and 3,791 infections in past hours. The caseload rose to 1.167,940 the death toll to 16,190. In the Levant, Jordan reported 11 new deaths with the contagion and 840 infection cases, with the death toll climbing to 9,368. It also reported that the caseload hit 730,500. Elsewhere in the region, Lebanon, a Mediterranean, reported the caseload reached 53,851 with the registration of 300 new infections past hours, in addition to seven deaths, putting the mortality toll at 7,677.

In Asia starting with India, a nation now in the lead with respect of daily deaths, the health authorities said that 3,741 people succumbed to COVID-19 while 240,842 fresh cases were registered from different parts of the country in the last 24 hours. Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said that fatalities due to COVID-19 rose to 299,266, while the total positive cases amounted to 26,530,132. According to the Indian health ministry, 23,425,467 people recovered from the pandemic as the second wave hit the nation unprepared. Indian hospitals are unable to tackle the increasing COVID-19 cases due to shortage of oxygen supply, basic medicines, vaccines and ICU beds. Malaysia recorded 6,976 infections and 49 deaths in the last hours, Indonesia: 5,280 cases and 123 mortalities, Thailand: 3,392 cases plus 17 fatalities and the Philippines: 3,083 cases with 38 deaths.

In Europe, where normal life is gradually but cautiously being restored, Austria declared 504 new cases over the last 24 hours, with the caseload of contaminations standing 641,380. Austrian Ministry of Health said in an online statement that up to 622,889 patients who suffered from the respiratory disease were cured of the infection while the whole number of deaths amounted to 10,546. The Netherlands Sunday reported 3,471 new coronavirus cases increasing the total number of infections to 1,627,042. Eight more deaths from COVID-19 were reported in the last 24 hours by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, raising the total death toll to 17,545. Meanwhile, Belgium reported 2,516 new infections, putting the tally at 1,047,128. Deaths increased by 14 deaths in the last 24 hours with the total reaching 24,809. In Russia, authorities there announced the deaths of 357 individuals and the infection of 8,951 others. In Germany, the country reported 82 deaths and 6,714 infections in the last 24 hours. The total of deaths and infections reached 87,380 and 3,648,958 respectively.

Meanwhile, the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevent (Africa CDC) said in an online fresh statement, monitored in Rabat, that the caseload across the continent hit 4.746,782. It also put the death toll related to the deadly germ to 127,997 while tally of the recoveries amounted to 4.293,343.

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