‘National Movement’ established

Commitment to democracy pledged by 31 public figures

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KUWAIT CITY, April 13: The establishment of the National Movement, comprising 31 prominent public figures, marks a significant development in Kuwait’s political landscape. In their statement, they underscored the movement’s commitment to democracy as a fundamental human principle, beginning with the individual and encompassing all segments of society, reports Al-Qabas daily. Central to the movement’s agenda is political reform, starting with electoral system amendments aimed at fostering advanced democracy and ensuring effective freedom. Moreover, it emphasizes economic revitalization through income source diversification, state finance reform, corruption eradication, and bolstering education as a cornerstone for future prosperity. The movement also advocates for safeguarding the middle class and enhancing citizens’ living standards.


Notably, the National Movement positions itself as a platform for aspiring reformers dedicated to advancing Kuwait politically, economically, and socially. It aspires to facilitate objective popular oversight over decision-making bodies, particularly the legislative and executive branches, striving to establish a political equilibrium that prioritizes national interests above all else. Crucially, the statement reaffirms the sanctity of the Kuwaiti Constitution as the bedrock of citizenship rights. Any suggestion of suspending or undermining it risks regressing to past eras marred by economic crises and existential threats, underscoring the movement’s commitment to upholding constitutional principles for the nation’s welfare and prosperity.


The statement was signed by the following personalities — Ahmad Mohammad Al-Shehabi, Dr Iqbal Nasser Al- Othaimeen, Ibrahim Qais Al-Ghafili, Dr Turki Nayef Al-Azmi, Hamed Youssef Al-Badr, Hammoud Khalifa Al Majed, Hammoud Sanad Sindh, Khaled Ibrahim Al-Salal, Khaled Abdul Mohsen Al- Ibrahim, Khalifa Khalid Al Khalifa, Dr Khalil Abdullah Al-Awadi, Dr Sami Abdul Aziz Al Mana, Suad Fahd Al-Mojil, Saud Sabah Al-Hendal, Sultan Musaed Al-Jazzaf, Dhari Tariq Al-Sabbagh, Abdul Hamid Muhammad Al Zamil, Abdul Aziz Fahd Al-Areiman, Abdullah Dashti, Abdul Wahab Salman Al-Nisf, Saleh Muhammad Al-Mulla, Othman Abdul Aziz Al Masoud, Othman Abdul Mohsen Al Othman, Mallouh al-Fadhli, Ali Adel Al Balushi, Fahd Muhammad Al-Najdi, Faisal Abdullah Al-Baridi, Faisal Mohammed Al Fares, Muhammad Hussein Al-Ruwaihel, Muhammad Hamad Bughaith and Youssef Muhammad Al- Shehabi.

This news has been read 967 times!

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