Muslims hunt for ‘Lailat-ul-Qadr’

Mosques crowded on 25th night

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KUWAIT CITY, April 4: Throughout various governorates of the country, worshippers commemorated the 25th night of the month of Ramadan with recitations, remembrance, supplications, and prayers, earnestly seeking the ‘Night of Destiny’ on this blessed night. In the Grand Mosque, many worshippers arrived early as usual to reserve a place in the front. Imam Mishari Al-Afasy and Imam Bader Al-Ali led the worshippers. In the first four rak’ahs, Imam Meshari Al-Afasy recited as much as he could from the Holy Qur’an.

The prayer-leader in supplication with other worshippers at the Grand Mosque (Masjid Al-Kabir) in Kuwait City. The Muslim faithful pray late night (qiyam prayer) in the last ten days of Ramadan in hunt for the Lailat Al-Qadr (Night of Power). Allah (SWT) fulfills any prayer on this night. It could fall on any odd day. Mosques are usually crowded in the last part of the Holy Month.

In the subsequent rak’ahs, Imam Bader Al-Ali recited verses that deeply touched the souls of the worshippers, leaving a profound impact. At the Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Mosque in Jahra Governorate, the Qiyam prayer began at midnight, and the reciter Sheikh Mohammad Al-Saeedi led the worshippers. Several worshippers reminisced about the late Sheikh Khaled Al-Saeedi, the imam of Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Mosque, and the Imam of the Grand Mosque. They recalled how on occasions like these, they used to join him for the ‘Qiyam’ prayer both in their mosque and at the Grand Mosque. They said, “We pray to Almighty Allah to bestow mercy on his grave, and to reward him for every letter he recited with the weight of mountains and the measures of seas.”

In the Khawla Al-Hasawi Mosque at Oyoun area in Jahra Governorate, the Qiyam prayer began half an hour after midnight. The prayers were led by the Imam Taher Al-Ahdal from Yemen, and the Imam Ra’ad Al-Kurdi from Iraq. At the Sheikha Al-Dabbous Mosque in Abu Fatira, the Imam Sheikh Ahmad Al- Khader led the congregation in the first four rak’ahs, and the Imam Sheikh Abdul- Wali Al-Arkani led the second four rak’ahs. At the Aqla Al-Dhafiri Ramadan Center, the Imam Sheikh Salman Al-Nafi’i led the people in prayer in the first four rak’ahs, and the Imam Sheikh Hamza Al-Far led the people in prayer in the second four rak’ahs. Sheikh Hamoud Fayez delivered a thought of faith between those rak’ahs, speaking about the coming of the ‘Day of Judgement ‘, and what the believer must prepare for in the first journey of his life.

By Abdul Nasser Al-Aslami

Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff and Agencies

This news has been read 3089 times!

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