Municipality to hike fees by 1400% – Multiple services targeted

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 25: In confirmation to the report titled “Liquidity depletion creates fees and doubles others” published by the daily, Kuwait Municipality has completed a regulation to increase the fees for a number of services, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to the proposed new regulation, the fees for renewing applications for opening canteens and kiosks inside government agencies’ sites will be increased from KD 20 to KD 300, which is an increase of 1,400 percent.

The fees for issuance will be raised from KD 50 to KD 200. The fees for issuing requests for merging and separating plots will be increased from KD 10 to KD 40 for each plot resulting from merging and separating. A fee of KD 80 has been introduced for renewing and amending these requests, for each plot resulting from merging and separating. Fees of KD 100 have been introduced for the issuance of requests to add an area of state property for investment and commercial plots, and KD 200 for renewal and modification.

As for applications for valuation (acquisition), the fees will be increased from KD 10 to KD 40 for issuance, and KD 80 for renewal, even though the renewal service was without fees in the past. The regulation proposed the introduction of a fee of KD 100 to amend the requests for the allocation of sites, and a new fee of KD 160 to renew and amend the regulatory approval for surface parking lots. The proposed regulation did not exempt government projects from increasing fees, as the regulatory approval fee for temporary offices and materials for government projects was doubled to KD 200 instead of KD 100, and the fees for the same service for private housing were fixed at KD 25.

The regulation also introduced a fee for issuing the approval of organizational schemes for a project (dividing/ organizing), which is KD 50, and KD 100 for modification. Regarding the approval of the road network plan for a division or organization project that includes the road network and its sections, suitable natural and proposed land, and infrastructure services, the regulation has introduced a fee of KD 100 for issuing the accreditation, and KD 200 for amending the accreditation.

This news has been read 47319 times!

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