Municipality issues circular on amending ‘regulations’ regarding stores in co-ops

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 29: Director of the Legal Department in Kuwait Municipality Hussein Al-Ajmi issued a circular to all relevant municipal departments regarding ministerial resolution No. 254/2023 on amending some provisions of the regulations organizing cooperative work, which obligated cooperative societies to amend the conditions of their stores invested by others by issuing licenses in the name of investors. This is aimed at taking the necessary procedures and measures to implement the ministerial decision and enable investors to obtain licenses in their names by Article 29 thereof, which stipulates that the cooperative society is obligated to address the relevant authorities to obtain initial approvals to permit the activity before the offering.

Following the awarding of the store, the necessary licenses to operate the activity will be issued in the name of the investor to whom the award was made. Al-Ajmi stressed in the circular the necessity of referring to the Legal Department of Kuwait Municipality in the event of any legal problem during implementation to take the necessary action regarding it. On a related level, the Municipal Council’s committees will resume their meetings next week. The Farwaniya Committee will hold its fourth meeting for the second session on Sunday headed by the Deputy Chairman of the Municipal Council Khaled Al-Mutairi to discuss five items on its agenda.
These items are:
1. A request from the Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART) to allocate sites for open basins to collect rainwater, open water channels, underground water connections, and rainwater drainage paths around the South Abdullah Al-Mubarak residential area.
2. The Ministry of Social Affairs’ request for the expansion of the central market of the Ishbiliyah Cooperative Society, located in the center of the Ishbiliyah suburb.
3. The proposal submitted by member Abdullah Al-Enezi regarding developing the buildings and lands in Grenada next to the residential area.
4. The proposal submitted by member Abdullah Al-Enezi for developing and reorganizing the properties located in the exhibition area in south of Khaitan shown on the cadastral plans No. M/25877 and M/35583 in order to establish a project titled “The Business Lagoon”.
5. The question submitted by the chairman of the committee regarding the Kabd Road extending from the Sulaibiya Bridge to Jawakhir Kabd.

Meanwhile, the Joint Technical, Legal and Financial Committee will also hold its 14th meeting headed by member Dr. Hassan Kamal on Tuesday to complete the discussion of amending the regulations organizing construction works and the schedules attached to it, and the final version of the proposal to amend table No. 1 on the requirements and specifications for private and model residential buildings.

Also, the Environmental Affairs Committee of the Municipal Council was to hold its fourth meeting of the second session on Thursday headed by Municipal Council member Alia Al-Farsi to discuss several items on its agenda. These items include two proposals submitted by member Sharifa Al-Shalfan regarding maintaining the cleanliness of the marine environment, and recycling plastic bottles and their caps, the letter submitted by the Ministry of Health’s Public Health Department regarding sanitary control of waste landfills, and the proposal submitted by a Kuwaiti woman regarding helping citizens, reducing burdens, and recycling.

By Inaas Awadh
Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff

This news has been read 541 times!

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