Municipality ‘finalizes’ food security strategy

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 22: The municipality has finalized its final visions regarding strengthening the food security system, establishing activities in agricultural holdings, and issuing commercial licenses in order to meet the needs of farmers and those interested in agricultural affairs, reports Al- Qabas daily. A memorandum prepared by the Kuwait Municipality on food security, and seen by the daily, shows the desire to allow marketing outlets for agricultural products, and to add activities for the production, packaging of agricultural products, while allowing owners of farms raising cows, livestock and broiler chickens to obtain commercial shares.

The municipality stressed on the need to promote agricultural tourism in the country because of its great impact on revitalizing the national economy, as well as working to strengthen the country’s position on the global agricultural tourism map. The municipality has put in place a set of requirements to benefit from the agricultural tourism activity, that it be seasonal, and the area of agricultural holding be not less than 100,000 square meters, and that the owner of the license adhere to the specified activities.

The memorandum indicated that the municipality believes in the importance of paying attention to the issue of food security in order to face any global or local crises or disasters that may disrupt the food security system. The municipality also desires to help the owners of agricultural holdings located in Wafra, Abdali and Sulaibiya to overcome the problems and obstacles that the Kuwaiti farmers suffer from and subjugating it to open the way for the Kuwaiti product to prove its worth and that it is the alternative to the importer.

The sources said given the rapid and many developments that our world is going through, especially after what “we went through during the Corona pandemic crisis, it is imperative for us to pursue and keep up with them to achieve the purposes for which agricultural holdings were established” to provide food security so that it has become an urgent necessity to meet the needs of farmers and those interested in agricultural affairs. In the face of this situation the municipality wants to deepen communication with Kuwaiti farmers and has proposed a study of the following to be presented to the Council of Ministers and the Municipal Council to take the appropriate decisions in this regard.

This news has been read 9739 times!

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