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Monday , September 20 2021

Municipality accused of double standards over encroachments

Meeting discusses issue of recycling of waste by companies

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 16: The Municipal Council, headed by Deputy Mayor Abdullah Al-Mahri, agreed during a recent meeting to extend the work of the fact-finding committee which is looking into the cleaning contracts headed by Engr Abdul Salam Al-Randi and the decision by Engr Maha Al-Baghli and member Ahmed Hadian, to monitor the cleaning contracts of the Kuwait Municipality, and keep tap on the scheduled demolition of buildings in the Mubarakiya markets. The meeting also discussed the issue of recycling of waste by companies and violations involving the Jahra National Park.

The Municipal Council approved the formation of the five-member Committee for the Preservation of Historic Monuments in Kuwait. The members are Abdullah Al-Mahri, Dr Hassan Kamal, Eng. Maha Al-Baghli, Ahmed Hadian and Abdul Salam Al-Randi.

The task of the committee is to determine the heritage monuments in the Capital area, which were previously identified by the National Council for Culture and Literature, in addition to identifying the sites at Al-Furjan, Al-Braih, street names, and all sites in Al-Mubarakiya area and other governorates, complete with the identification of basic old plans so that they are linked with the heritage names

The council has agreed to refer a letter to the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs to discuss the failure of some senior officials in the Kuwait Municipality to remove infringements in the Capital Governorate. Member Maha Al-Baghli stated some heads of sectors in the executive body do not apply the law strictly, but rather make freak excuses and that the council has been receiving complaints about the Municipality’s inaction and failure to implement the law.

For his part, the Deputy General Manager for the Ahmadi and Hawalli Governorates sector Engr Fahad Al-Shetili said he personally does not know about the reasons and details mentioned about these violations, stressing that he will follow up on them and do what is necessary to prevent these abuses. He stressed Municipality removes any infringement directly, except if it is licensed or has an official document showing otherwise.

Member Hamad Al-Medlej said the situation is nothing new and added the nature of neglect continues. He added, when he was a member of one of the committees, he presented a number of questions to the Municipality leaders until this moment, the issues remain unsolved.

Al-Randi said that the Municipality employees use the ‘bullying’ tactics against the weak during demolition but fall in place if the party happens to be influential and said the law must be implemented on all without discrimination. Member Hassan Kamal said infringements on government land are widespread in all governorates and of various types and stressed the need for periodic inspections using modern techniques to detect all abuses, especially with regard to the violations between neighbors.

By Abdel Nasser Al-Aslami Al-Seyassah Staff

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