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Sunday , September 26 2021

Mullah in Afghanistan faces stoning death for allegedly filmed himself having sex with women

Screengrab from a video circulating on social media in Afghanistan. Later in the video the man, identified on social media as a “taweez nevis” mullah, removes the woman’s clothes and has intercourse with her.

A selfproclaimed mullah in Afghanistan, who allegedly filmed himself having sex with women, is on the run after the videos went viral on social media, prompting religious leaders to order his death by stoning.

Mullah Rasool, a traditional healer who wrote amulets for clients in a village in the northwestern province of Faryab, is accused of sexually exploiting and raping several women who had gone to him for help.

Rasool, whose nickname is Landay, which means “Shorty” in Pashto, allegedly used the videos to blackmail the women. A number of videos began circulating on social media in recent weeks, but it is not clear when they were made or if they were filmed in Rasool’s village of Chinar in Pashtunkot district.

In one video posted on Facebook, a bearded and turbaned man purported to be Rasool is seen loosening his white baggy trousers, clearly aroused. A young woman, still wearing her long dress and headscarf, removes her trousers and lays on a large fl oor cushion where they have sex. (AFP)

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