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Monday , November 29 2021

MPW’s 123 projects are on paper only!

Significant delay in projects

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 11: According to a recent statistic issued by Ministry of Public Works, there is a significant delay in the projects of the ministry and Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART) contained in the annual plan, which is supposed to be floated during the current fiscal year under chapter four, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The statistic showed there are 123 projects within the plan of Ministry of Public Works for the current fiscal year, including 20 projects belonging to PART, 103 projects belonging to the ministry, 47 projects of the maintenance sector, 23 of health engineering sector, 24 of the construction engineering sector and 9 for the major projects sector, all of which are still “on paper only”.

Despite the passage of seven months of the fiscal year, the distribution of these projects to different stages of tenders leading up to the signing of the contract, which are nine stages, shows a very slow action by the ministry.

There are 57 projects, which constitute 46 percent in the first stage – the stage before receipt of documents from the technical sector – and 44 projects accounting for more than 35 percent in the second stage, namely the preparation and preparation for the tender floating.

It is worth mentioning that the projects of the Maintenance Engineering Sector and PART constitute a large percentage of the projects in the first and second phases. Projects of both sectors are up to 49 from the entire 101 projects. This reflects serious delays in projects related to roads, whether maintenance or new project execution.

The rate of its floating has dropped sharply or almost stopped since the departure of the former Director General of PART Ahmad Al-Hesan. In the remaining phases, the statistic showed ten projects in the stage of requesting announcement from the Central Tender Agency, including nine on maintenance engineering, as well as four projects in the phase of pre-tender announcement, and six projects in the fifth stage, which is the phase of tender announcement. At the level of critical stages, the first phase of the technical study is to study the bids submitted for any tender by a technical committee set up by the ministry.

This is in preparation for submitting the recommendation for awarding the best bidders to the Central Tenders Agency. The statistic showed the existence of a single project at that stage for the maintenance engineering sector. As for the rest of the technical sectors, including PART, the result is zero. As for the initial award phase, there is also a single project belonging to the maintenance sector, while the stage of submission to the State Audit Bureau is free of any projects belonging to the ministry or PART, as is the case with the last stage of preparing the tender for signing the contract.

The statistic also revealed that there are 13 other projects belonging to the ministry that were not put forward. Their value exceeds KD 75,000, but they belong to the second and third sections of the budget. The statistic indicated that most of these projects – also in the early stages of processing, with the exception of a single project in the technical study phase – fall under the Government Center for Inspection and Quality Control Sector.

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