MPs talk strategy … call to re-sit ’22 – Constitution violated

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KUWAIT CITY, March 27: Former MP Adel Al- Damkhi has invited the former and incumbent MPs, who signed the ‘Document of the Nation’, to a meeting in his house to discuss their position and the steps that must be taken regarding the recent decision of the Constitutional Court to nullify the decrees on dissolving the 2020 Assembly and the 2022 parliamentary elections. He accused some parties of causing chaos for the country to go back to square one, revive political disputes and push for the return of the corrupt, contravening the Amiri speeches on the legal and constitutional guarantees to prevent going back to the previous era. He said the country is now experiencing the consequences of the verdict of the Constitutional Court which did not consider the Amiri speeches and people’s will, thereby, making the citizens doubt everyone. He called on the political leadership to rectify the current situation and reinstate the 2022 Parliament in order to prevent disputes and instability. He cited the opinions of legal experts who said the decision of the Constitutional Court violated Article 104 of the Procedures Code and Article 13 of Attorneys Law No. 42. He added that no one has refuted such views so far. He pointed out that attempts to portray the 2022 Parliament in a devilish manner have started in a bid to distort the image of the pro-reform majority that worked hard at all levels — lawmaking, parliamentary queries, committees, bills and proposals.

On the other hand, former MP Hamad Al- Obaid said it is unacceptable that the efforts exerted by almost half million citizens are wasted within a minute, referring to the 2022 parliamentary elections. He asserted he will not be part of the gatherings at Erada Square, as he adopted a religious opinion on prohibiting demonstrations. He added the disputes must be settled through constitutional channels. He clarified though that he agrees with those who called for gatherings at Erada Square in principle, but not on their way of solving the issue. Moreover, MP Mubarak Al-Hajraf pointed out that the Constitutional Court was established as per Article 173 of the Constitution to settle political disputes. He said the recent decision of the Constitutional Court led to disputes, instead of settling them. He stressed the need to get out of the crisis with minimal damage. He added that criticizing judicial verdicts, including those issued by the Constitutional Court, is the absolute right of everyone as such verdicts are manmade which could be right or wrong. He went on to say that the Constitutional Court violated the Judicial Procedures Code issued in 1959 and amended in 1990, particularly Article Two which prohibits all courts from ruling on cases concerning sovereign procedures including relations between the government and the National Assembly, and between the government of Kuwait and governments of other countries.

He explained the French Council of State laid down this principle in 1830 to protect the judiciary and prevent disputes between the executive and legislative authorities. He said the dissolution of the legislature is a sovereign action. The lawmaker went on to say that the decision of the Constitutional Court violated articles 102 and 107 of the Constitution which granted His Highness the Amir the authority to dissolve the Parliament according to his evaluation of the required action.

He underscored the need to stop the implementation of the decision of the Constitutional Court; wondering how a candidate who obtained 600 votes was declared a lawmaker, while the one who got 10,000 votes was dismissed. He claimed some parties want the citizens to hate democracy, and the people are now fed up with dissolving and nullifying parliaments.

He believes there have been cracks in the relationship between the people and the State, not between the people and the lawmakers. He added that a wise politician is concerned about extending his political life and does not let others terminate him. He said HH the Prime Minister is on the verge of political death, indicating the government has so far not commented on the decision of the Constitutional Court.

In addition, MP Musaed Al- Ardhi had a clash with Minister of Public Works, Electricity and Water Amani Bugamaz while the latter was visiting various areas on Sunday to personally look into their situation during the heavy rains. Al- Ardhi shouted at Bugamaz stressing this was not the first time that many parts of the country suffered the dire consequences of heavy rains. By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff and Agencies

This news has been read 8572 times!

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