MPs slam attempts to suspend Constitution

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 28: Several MPs have reacted angrily to calls for the suspension of the Constitution, stressing that commitment to the Constitution is the safety valve of the nation. MP Shuaib Al-Muwaizri argued such calls are unjustifiable and are made by people who could have done something against the Constitution. He said some of these people consider the Constitution a hindrance to their interests, while others adopt such calls hypocritically since they shun legislation and monitoring. He affirmed that only Allah and commitment to the Constitution can ensure the stability of Kuwait.

MP Abdullah Fahad pointed out that he and his colleagues took the oath to respect the Constitution and protect the people’s freedom and interests; hence, they must stand against calls to suspend the Constitution, which is the most outstanding achievement of the nation. He said vibrant nations never take backward steps, as they always seek more freedoms and reforms. He urged those calling for the suspension of the Constitution to stop what they are doing, emphasizing that their attempts to disrupt constitutional security will fail.

MP Osama Al-Shaheen asserted that such calls are utterly rejected; indicating Kuwait is a democratic nation and those behind these calls must be sued as per Article 29 of the Penal Code, considering they are pushing for the collapse of the regime. MP Meteb Ayed Al-Raathan warned that the suspension of the Constitution has always led to unforgettable disasters in the country. He said those making such calls want to promote sectarianism and racism, stating these people must read history carefully to learn a valuable lesson; particularly when the entire people of Kuwait faced the Iraqi invasion. He added the Constitution is a safety valve for the people and the political leadership.

MP Soud Al-Asfour asserted this is not the first time and it will not be the last to hear calls aimed at attacking the citizens’ right to play their role in managing their country. He thinks those calling for the suspension of the Constitution ignored the previous experience when such a move led to nothing but deterioration and stagnation. He argued that correction means developing both the executive and legislative authorities without marginalizing any of them.

MP Adel Al-Damkhi rejected the calls to suspend the Constitution, stressing this is tantamount to a coup aimed at causing cracks in the social fabric that could lead to massive chaos. He added that only the envious and anti- democracy people want to benefit from such calls because they cannot live with justice and freedom. Former MP Marzouq Al-Khalifa said the ongoing systematic campaign against the Constitution is the partner of futile campaigns. He observed that whenever the corrupt are hurt, the green light is turned on for suspicious campaigns to kick off. He asserted that whoever adopts the idea of suspending the Constitution is considered a traitor to the social contract between the ruler and the ruled.

He added that only the Constitution protects the rights of the people and keeps the nation safe. He said the corrupt traders are exhausted due to the recent legislative achievements, so they want to take revenge by disrupting the legislative process. In a related development, five political blocs issued a joint statement rejecting attempts to suspend the Constitution. These blocs include the Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM), Kuwait Democratic Forum (KDF), Kuwaiti Progressive Movement (KPM), National Islamic Alliance (NIA) and National Charter Group (NCG). These blocs reaffirmed their commitment to adhere to the Constitution, since it is the basis of democracy and the legitimate channel for public political participation. They pointed out that commitment to the Constitution has always been the life jacket of the nation whenever it faces exceptional crises.

They voiced objection to anti-Constitution statements, affirming that the Constitution protects the people’s rights and freedoms. They believe that those calling for suspending the Constitution are using the freedom of expression and academic freedom as excuses to spread wrong and destructive opinions. They warned about the dangerous consequences of such attempts backed by corrupt and suspicious figures. They then asked all the concerned parties like the executive, legislative, and judicial authorities as well as the civil society organizations, to condemn and foil attempts to instigate a coup against the Constitution, and to consider such attempts as crimes targeting the State’s foundations and inciting chaos. Meanwhile, National Assembly Speaker Ahmed Al-Saadoun recently met with a delegation from Kuwait Journalists Association consisting of Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr Zuhair Ibrahem Al-Abbad and board members Zaid Uqab Al-Khateeb, Muhammad Ali Al-Kandari and Dr Fahd Marzouq Al-Anzi. He also had a meeting with Kuwaiti Ambassador to South Korea Zeab Al- Rashedi.

By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh
Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff

This news has been read 1561 times!

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