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Monday , September 26 2022

MPs propose to revise decision on over-60’s expats residency permits

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KUWAIT CITY, June 17: MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji has submitted a proposal to revise the decision of the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) on the nonrenewal of the residency permits of expatriates who are above 60 years old and holding a secondary stage certificate or lower. He suggested classifying these expatriates in order to exempt those born in Kuwait and those married to Kuwaiti women from the new regulations. He also suggested obligating expatriates who are above 60 years old and hold secondary stage certificates or lower to sign a commitment not to seek medical care in public hospitals or pay the fees imposed on visit visa holders and those without health insurance. He recommended conducting a study on the consequences of the decision not to renew the residency permits of these expatriates during the first six months of its implementation, considering the effect of the decision on the labor market and prices of some technical services.

Meanwhile, the lawmaker forwarded queries to Minister of Commerce and Industry Abdullah Essa Al-Salman about the expatriates covered by the decision, particularly their number and nationalities. He asked if the decision is based on relevant studies. If yes, he requested for copies of these studies. He wants to know the number of these expatriates who were born in Kuwait, those married to Kuwaiti women, and the number of crimes committed such expatriates. MP Ahmed Al-Hamad forwarded queries to Minister of Oil and Minister of Higher Education Muhammad Abdullatif Al-Fares about the criteria adopted by the committee formed according to ministerial decision number 208/238 to check the academic certificates of doctors, pharmacists and health practitioners as a prelude for accreditation. He inquired about the number of meetings held by the committee, number of transactions accomplished since the committee was formed, rules adopted by the committee to evaluate the certificates of dentists accredited during the term of the previous minister, academic qualification of the chairman and members of the committee tasked to approve the bachelor of dentistry certificates issued by some universities for the accreditation of doctoral certificates. He asked if the committee used references during the evaluation process. He also wants to know the number of complaints filed by applicants, number of lawsuits filed against the ministry, and number of cases in which the ministry lost.

MP Marzouq Al-Khalifa forwarded queries to Minister of Commerce and Industry Abdullah Essa Al-Salman about Kuwait Investment Authority. He asked if the authority evaluated the site occupied by Agility Company according to the evaluation decision issued on Feb 18, 2021. He wants to know if the director of the authority carried out the directives of former Minister of Commerce and Industry Faisal Al-Medlej to rent alternative shops and flats for the citizens renting from Agility who suffered damages because of the evacuation decision or not. If yes, the lawmaker demanded for copies of the new rent contracts.

MP Osama Al-Shaheen received answers to queries he forwarded to Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Communication and Information Technology Affairs Rana Al-Fares. In her reply, Al-Fares said the first phase of supplying fiber optic service in Salwa and Rumaitiya is ongoing. She added that the only Internet service available requires the use of fiber optics. She explained the fiber optic service has not been supplied to Salmiya because the ministry is waiting for approval from the monitoring institutions. She affirmed the service is supplied to Mishref, Bayan and Abdullah Mubarak adding that the second phase is ongoing; while that of Dasma, Hawally, Shaab and Mugra will soon start the third phase.

MP Mubarak Al-Arow forwarded queries to Minister of Commerce and Industry Abdullah Essa Al-Salman about the companies established by the shareholders of Kuwait Steel Industrial Company. He requested for the list of the owners of the company — direct or indirect ownership. He inquired if the owners include foreign parties, their nationalities, and if they have direct or indirect relations with a Gulf country for its controversial positions.

On the other hand, the Environment Affairs Committee met on Thursday in the presence of Minister of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy Meshaan Al Otaibi; and representatives of Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Environment Public Authority and employees of the ministry. Rapporteur of the committee MP Hamad Al-Matar disclosed that they discussed the negative impact of pollution from power plants on the 9,000 workers in these plants, as well as the citizens and expatriates residing in nearby areas. He said Al-Otaibi confirmed that the employees in the power plants deserve work hazard allowance. By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff

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