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Monday , September 26 2022


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Private sector employees get full indemnity

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 19: The bill set the minimum standard and legal protection procedures for victims of domestic violence, in a way that maintains the family unity without threatening its stability in the society. This would-be law offers further guarantees of protection for family members against violence, and to form institutional means of social solidarity, offering victims of domestic violence the required legal, medical, and rehabilitation services.

Full indemnity
The National Assembly, in its second reading on Wednesday, approved amendments to some provisions in the private Private sector employees get full indemnity sector labor law which would give employees the right to receive indemnity calculated on the basis of their comprehensive salary.

During a supplementary session held to discuss the report of the Parliament’s Health, Social Affairs and Labor Committee concerning the bill to amend some provisions in the private sector Labor Law No. 6/2010, the Parliament voted 43-11 in favor of the bill in its second deliberation. As per the amended provisions, a private sector employee will now be entitled to receive full indemnity at the end of his service in line with the Law No.

6/2010 without deducting the sum paid to the Public Institution for Social Security by the employer during the employee’s work period. In the same context, the Parliament approved the amendment concerning the annual leave of private sector employees.

The amendment stipulates that an employee has the right to paid annual leave of not less than 30 days, and that an employee is entitled to take annual leave in the first year of service after working for at least six months. According to the approved bill, weekly rest days, official holidays and sick leaves will not be counted as part of the annual leave. An employee is entitled to take leave on a pro rata basis for the time spent at work even if it is his first year of service.

The National Assembly approved on Wednesday in its second reading the draft law on protection against domestic violence, including measures that contribute in boosting family unity. The bill, referred by the Women and Family Parliamentary Committee, was approved by 38 MPs and opposed by one MP while one lawmaker abstained from voting.

By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff and Agencies

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