MP forwards questions to minister over flight delays

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 15: MP Khalid Mohammad Al–Otaibi has forwarded questions to State Minister for Housing and Services Affairs Jenan Bushahri regarding delayed flights in and outside the country which resulted in the suffering of many Kuwaitis.

He pointed out this is a recurring problem and several people have filed complaints against the concerned airlines, most of whom took to various social media platforms to air their grievances. He asked: “What steps did the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) take against private airlines in such situations? Please submit a copy of these procedures. Did the authority register violations committed by these airlines? If yes, please provide a copy of the violations. Were the passengers compensated for damages and suffering caused by delayed flights? Please provide proof, if any.”

He went on to say that the former Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) administration agreed with the DGCA to allot 12,000 seats monthly from KAC for India and 9,000 for Egypt and these seats were distributed to private airlines. “From the point of view of DGCA, did this procedure cause losses to KAC – the national carrier? Why was there no government to government coordination and unity, especially in relation to protecting public fund taking into consideration that KAC is a national carrier, not private?

Kindly submit copies of relevant correspondences. A video clip went viral recently, showing staff of a private airline serving sandwiches from a certain restaurant to passengers. How did this happen? What action did the safety and security officials at DGCA take to ensure monitoring of airlines? Were these sandwiches proven to be healthy and approved by the concerned authority? Kindly provide copy of approval, if any. Did the DGCA take any step against the airline in question? Please provide evidence, if yes.”

Meanwhile, MP Khalil Abul submitted questions to Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Hamed Al-Azmi about the regulations governing the Board of Trustees at Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) whose main campus is in Kuwait.

The lawmaker noted that each of the GCC countries is represented by two members – one should be the Ministry of Higher Education’s undersecretary and the other should be an experienced educator – in the university’s Board of Trustees. He wants to know if the minister still represents Kuwait in the board. He also asked if the regulations allow the minister to hold that position along with the ministerial post. If yes, he demanded for proof. He wants to know if the minister receives financial privileges for occupying the board chairman position. If yes, he requested for total amount received since assuming the ministerial position. He inquired if the Constitution allows a minister to combine such post with another, while receiving monthly allowances from outside the country. If yes, he asked for a copy of such a decision, regulation or law

This news has been read 16401 times!

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