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MP affirms CPA strict in ‘implementing’ the law – Bid to ensure fair competition

MP Ahmad Al-Fadel

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 25: MP Ahmed Al-Fadel has affirmed that the Competition Protection Authority (CPA) is strict in implementing the law, citing its refusal to sit with two companies which monopolize delivery services for restaurants so these companies were forced to abide by the law through the amendment of their contracts after a month as per the new regulations, reports Al-Jarida daily.

In a press statement, Al-Fadel explained the authority found the contracts of the two companies with restaurants suspicious as they add two percent to the charge if the restaurants use delivery services of another company. This has prompted many restaurant owners to avoid dealing with other companies which offer delivery services.

He added the authority addressed the two companies several times to notify them about their violation due to monopoly provisions in their contracts. He expressed appreciation and gratitude to CPA for its position as it led to the compliance of the two companies with the law, so the local restaurants have been notified they are free to deal with any delivery company to ensure fair competition and to better serve the public. He urged the CPA to take more steps through the inclusion of flower delivery services.

He stressed the need to enforce the law on delivery companies that monopolize the market because of the harm they cause to restaurant owners and consumers. He pointed out other files will be opened later such as the fish market, vegetable market, Amghara and other places or markets monopolized by non-Kuwaitis.

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