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My husband and I have been working in Kuwait for the past ten years. Our two kids were also born in Kuwait. But due to my husband’s health issues he decided to retire and went back to the country along with kids. However, for kids betterment I decided to work here in Kuwait. I have been earning KD500/-. Is there any possibilities I can bring my kids back to Kuwait as their sponsor? Kindly respond to this e-mail as earliest possible. This is very important to us.

Name withheld

Answer: Under Kuwait law the husband is clothed with the authority to sponsor members of the family (wife and children) on dependent visa on condition that he meets the stipulated requirements. This is not withstanding, in rare cases and on compassionate grounds the wife can be allowed to sponsor the kids but before this is done the Director- General of the Immigration Department must give the nod to it. With particular reference to your issue, we can say that you could have taken advantage of this opening when your children were legal residents of Kuwait and hence applied to have their residences transferred to yours citing the compassionate grounds raised earlier. The reality is that you find yourself in a more difficult position now that the children are no longer residents of Kuwait. All the same, we will advise that you try your luck by booking an appointment with the Director- General and putting your problem before him and who knows luck could smile at you.

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This news has been read 23130 times!

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