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Most curfew breakers freed on bail for fear of contracting virus in jail

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Majority Kuwaitis as more than 230 people arrested for violating curfew

KUWAIT CITY, May 10 : More than 230 people have violated the curfew since the beginning of last April until May 7, 2020. Majority of them are Kuwaitis.

The source pointed out the Hawally and Al-Jahra governorates lead among the six governorates in a number of citizens and residents who have been arrested for breaking the curfew during April, while in May the Ahmadi and Farwaniya governorates lead among other provinces in the number of violators.

The source pointed out since the beginning of this May, the number of people violating the curfew has increased dramatically, since last Sunday. It recorded the highest number of violations.

In the Ahmadi Governorate alone 23 people have been arrested including 21 Kuwaitis. The source pointed out 22 expatriates of various nationalities who were caught violating the curfew has been sent to the deportation center.

The daily also said a big number of people who were caught for violating the curfew have already been deported. The source revealed Kuwaitis who are caught for the same reason are referred to the General Administration of Investigations and later were referred to the court.

A majority of them have been released on bail of up to 1,000 dinars. Most of such violators are those who participated in gatherings and marriage celebrations.

The source pointed out most of the Kuwaitis are released on bail because the authorities take into account the current situation if the violators are put behind bars for fear of them getting infected. The source urged everyone to abide by the laws issued in these exceptional circumstances, stressing that the security establishment will not tolerate the implementation any violations in public interest.

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