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585 officers in Interior Ministry

KUWAIT CITY, July 31: The entry of women into the police force in 2009 stemmed from a firm belief in the ability and competence of Kuwaiti women, and benefiting from half of the society, leading to national sufficiency in the police force that compensates for any deficiency that may result from the reluctance of young men to join this institution, reports Al- Qabas daily. Thirteen years ago, it was a taboo to talk about the woman component in the military, and today there are 585 female officers in the Ministry of Interior, including non-commissioned officers and female police personnel working in various security sectors – 230 of them officers and the rest are non-commissioned officers and other positions.

File Photo: Kuwaiti Women’s Policemen

Moreover, the Women’s Police Institute of the Sa’ad Al-Abdullah Academy for Security Sciences has graduated 18 preventive inspectors in the rank of sergeant in the General Fire Force, and graduated 3 batches to work as the National Assembly Guard, 45 of who are women (20 of them officers). Although Kuwaiti women’s demand for work in the police corps is not great, they were able to record another achievement in addition to their previous achievements, to brush aside all obstacles they were facing, starting with some of them who were unable to deal with the nature of work.

The security forces that are characterized by roughness, as well as facing the view of society, which rejected the work of women in the military at the time, history will record the Kuwaiti woman that she was always the winner in those difficult times, and that she was able, within a short period, to establish her foothold in this work, and gain the respect of society and appreciation of all kinds.

The security sources confirmed that since the beginning of women joining the military, the number is increasing, as Kuwaiti women have proven their ability to work side by side their male counterparts in various locations and different circumstances, and the female police officers have played a heroic role during the Covid-19 pandemic, both in security work or awareness or humanitarian work, as they are fully prepared to perform their role efficiently and proficiently.

Women police are present in all security, service, and administrative sectors of the Ministry of Interior, and they are trained as students at the headquarters of the Women’s Police Institute, but after they join their workplace, the training is either through the General Administration of Training or the specialized training centers of each sector, and female officers and policewomen work in several security sectors including forensic evidence, drug control, traffic, passports, and others with the change in society’s view for the better, many fathers now encourage their daughters to join the women’s police force.

The sources said that there is currently the rank of lieutenant colonel from the women’s police, and some female officers will join the colonel promotion course next August, noting that the promotion courses are continuing and according to the rules and regulations followed for promotions in the Ministry of Interior.

The sources emphasized that the role entrusted to the women police requires caution and discipline to deal with any developments, and that they must assume their role in serving citizens and residents alike, and be a watchful eye on the security and safety of the country, and that respect and appreciation are among the foundations of dealing with citizens and residents. Conditions circulated by the Interior Ministry to the policewomen include compliance with the rules of military appearance, no use of powders and toiletries, coloring hair and growing and painting nails forbidden and no use of social media without permission.

This news has been read 14598 times!

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