More than 100K teachers to join schools in Kuwait today

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 9: Today, more than 100,000 male and female teachers in the government, private, special education, and religious education sectors inaugurated the start of the new academic year in all schools in Kuwait. On Friday, the Minister of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Adel Al-Manea conducted an inspection tour of schools in Khairan to check on their readiness to receive students, as part of the series of visits that he will carry out this week to a number of educational areas, in continuation of what was presented in the previous meeting with the directors of educational areas last week to follow up the readiness of schools to receive the new academic year.

During the tour, the minister was briefed on the condition of the school buildings and facilities. He stressed the need to ensure that all work related to their readiness is completed on time. According to educational sources, the Ministry of Education is working throughout this week on completing the distribution of textbooks to the various educational levels, and furnishing 18 of the new schools that it announced will be opened, as part of its preparations for the new academic year. The ministry will continue to complete its preparations in terms of books and school furniture, and ensure that there is no shortage of books before students’ classes in government, private, or special education start. The ministry is working on meeting all special requests in schools according to the reports prepared by the schools about their needs. It is also working on following up on the completion of the maintenance work in order to enter the new year with integrated preparations.

On August 10, the ministry assigned teams in all schools, consisting of a school principal or his representative and two members of the administrative and educational body for all educational levels, to list the needs of their schools, inspect the equipment for maintaining schools, and ensuring their readiness in all aspects related to air conditioning, electricity, toilets, drinking places, flooring, and other school facilities, and ensuring their safety. This morning, the ministry will begin handing over external transfer decisions to male and female teachers according to their wishes within the framework of the teachers’ actual work.

The sources confirm that the total number of teachers in the primary stage is 2,066, including 1,216 Kuwaiti teachers and 850 non-Kuwaiti teachers. In the intermediate stage, the number of Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti teachers is 10,289, and in the secondary stage, the number of Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti teachers is 2,990 and 4,038 respectively, with a total of 7,028 teachers. The total number of male teachers in the three educational levels is 19,383, with a ratio of 50.9 percent Kuwaitis and 49.1 percent non-Kuwaitis.

This news has been read 13212 times!

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