Monday , September 25 2023

More Than 100 Pharmacies at Risk of Closure in Kuwait

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KUWAIT CITY, May 31: In order to regulate and monitor the operations of private pharmacies inspection campaigns will persist in the sector. The primary objective is to verify the adherence of license holders to the provisions of the Profession Practice Law 28/1996, as amended by Law 30/2016.

The sources emphasized the continuous coordination between the Ministries of Commerce and Health to address violations related to the unauthorized management of numerous pharmacies by individuals who are not the license holders. Such actions are clear infringements upon the laws governing the practice of the profession.

It is anticipated that the number of pharmacies facing closure will exceed 100 within the coming weeks, considering the violations that have been identified thus far and the sustained inspection efforts.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Health has already closed 40 pharmacies during the past and current week as part of their regulatory measures.

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