More Government Agencies Join Forces to Collect Debts from Expats

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 6: With the recent inclusion of the Justice ministry and Transportation ministry along with “Electricity” and “Traffic” departments, the number of government entities responsible for collecting outstanding debts from expats departing from Kuwait has risen to four ministries. This initiative has been executed under the close supervision and directives of Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, who is determined to put an end to the era of uncollected debts within ministries and state agencies.

According to a well-informed government source, Al-Khaled’s decision to link various government agencies in the collection of debts owed by expats to the state was the result of a series of meetings with relevant ministries, agencies, and authorities. These discussions revealed that the total owed in terms of debts, fines, and service fees by foreigners amounted to nearly half a billion dinars.

In response to this significant financial issue, the First Deputy Prime Minister took swift action to establish a seamless coordination mechanism among government agencies. The primary objective is to expedite the collection of outstanding amounts to safeguard public funds and ensure that the state treasury does not miss out on these owed funds.

According to inside sources, this coordinated approach will expand to involve additional entities in the future. Ministries and bodies such as the Ministry of Health, Kuwait Municipality, the Ministry of Commerce, the Environment Public Authority, and others will gradually join the effort.

It was uncovered during these discussions that substantial sums of money and debts owed by expats had remained uncollected due to lax oversight and inefficient procedures in the past. This accumulation had turned these funds into “bad money.” Many expats had either left the country without settling their dues, or circumstances such as death or deportation prevented their return. Estimates suggest that these uncollected debts have reached approximately 3 billion dinars over several years.

In conclusion, the new measures, implemented under the guidance of Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, are set to put an end to the era of uncollected debts. Henceforth, no expatriate or foreign visitor will be allowed to exit the country without settling their outstanding debts and dues. This initiative aims to ensure financial accountability and uphold the integrity of the nation’s finances.

This news has been read 10113 times!

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