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Money exchange shops were already excluded from closure

Social media and some websites giving incorrect information

KUWAIT CITY, Apr 20: Kuwait Municipality confirmed that what was circulated on some social media sites regarding the opening of exchange shops is incorrect, indicating that the exchange activity was already among the activities excluded from the closure in accordance with Resolution No. 703 issued on March 22.

Above video published on one of the social media in Kuwait

The municipality said in a press statement that exchange shops were allowed to practice their activities, and that the work will be from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon in order to provide service in front of the workers to transfer their money to their families in their countries taking into account the current circumstances.

Sources stated that the administrative decision specified the activities exempted from the closure, which numbered 17, and it was reduced to nine activities.

It did not include any of the decisions issued in this regard, exchange houses and they are continuing to operate and have not stopped since the beginning of taking all preventive and precautionary measures to avoid the spread of the Corona virus to date.

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