Mom leaves kids alone in filthy apartment to go on cruise

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Children left alone in the filthy apartment as the mother takes a cruise, Texas authorities report.

NEW YORK, April 13: In a distressing incident, two young children were discovered abandoned in a Houston apartment while their mother embarked on a cruise, Texas deputies reported.

The 29-year-old mother was observed leaving the apartment building with luggage on April 4, as recounted by neighbors to authorities. Concern arose when several days passed without her return, prompting residents to notify law enforcement, according to court documents.

To safeguard the children’s identities, McClatchy News has opted not to disclose the mother’s name.

Documents revealed that neighbors informed Harris County deputies that similar situations had occurred previously.

Responding to a call for a wellness check on April 9, deputies encountered a harrowing scene. The two children, aged 6 and 8, were found alone in the apartment, which deputies described as being in a state of “complete disarray.” Trash and food littered the floor, while a strong odor of urine permeated the premises.

The mother had maintained visual contact with her children via a camera installed in the apartment, according to the documents. Additionally, deputies disclosed that the 8-year-old possessed a phone used for communication with the mother.

Following the intervention, Child Protective Services was notified, and the children were placed in the custody of their aunt, as stated by deputies.

Subsequently, on April 11, the mother was arrested on a charge of child abandonment and detained at Harris County Jail under a $40,000 bond, as indicated by jail records. Attorney information for the mother was not immediately available.

The mother is scheduled to appear in court on April 15, marking the next stage in the legal proceedings concerning this troubling case.

This news has been read 734 times!

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