MoI official and 8 expats get 4 years in driving license fraud case

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Deportation for expats after completing jail term

Hard labor sentences for colonel and expatriates in a bribery case.

KUWAIT CITY, April 25: In a recent development, the Court of Cassation has affirmed a significant ruling involving the imprisonment of a colonel who served as the head of the licensing department within the Jahra Traffic Department, along with several expatriates. The verdict, handed down in a case related to the issuance of forged licenses in exchange for gifts and monetary bribes, maintains the original sentence of four years imprisonment for all involved parties.

The colonel, whose position afforded him authority over licensing procedures, was found guilty of orchestrating a network that facilitated the issuance of fraudulent licenses. Expatriates were implicated in this scheme, allegedly providing gifts and financial incentives in exchange for obtaining these licenses.

In addition to the prison sentence, the court has decreed the dismissal of the colonel from his official position within the Jahra Traffic Department. Furthermore, he has been ordered to pay a fine of 5,800 dinars, double the amount of the bribe involved in the case.

As for the expatriates involved, they too have been sentenced to four years of imprisonment. Upon completion of their respective terms, they will face deportation from the country.

This ruling underscores the severity with which the judiciary views corruption and abuse of authority, particularly within government institutions responsible for public safety and regulatory oversight. It serves as a reminder of the consequences individuals face when engaging in illicit activities and violating the public trust.

This news has been read 1874 times!

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