MoI officer sentenced to 7 years for injuring Bangladeshi national

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MOI officer sentenced to 7 years for injuring expatriate, leaving him quadriplegic.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 4: In a recent development, the Court of Appeal, under the guidance of Counselor Nasr Salem Al-Heid, has decided to sentence a Ministry of Interior officer to 7 years in prison. The officer faced accusations of severely injuring a Bangladeshi individual, rendering him quadriplegic, allegedly due to negligence in washing a car.

The Public Prosecution had charged the accused with causing injuries that led to a permanent disability, amounting to at least 50 percent of the victim’s overall bodily capacity. Initially, the Criminal Court had sentenced the accused to a 10-year imprisonment. However, during the appeal, the accused refuted the charges, and his legal representative sought his acquittal.

Citing inadequacies in the investigations, the victim’s delayed reporting, the assertion that the victim fell on his own, and an alleged pre-existing injury, the defense requested a suspension of the sentence. Despite these arguments, the Court of Appeal, having dismissed the release of the accused during the trial, upheld the correctness, consistency, and reliability of the evidence. The court, relying on witness testimonies and the forensic report, ultimately decided to sentence the accused to 7 years of imprisonment with hard labor.

This news has been read 1161 times!

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