MoI issues warning: Verify deposits for transaction security

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Ministry of the Interior issues warning on surge in online payment fraud.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 21: The Ministry of the Interior has issued a stark warning regarding the escalating prevalence of fraudulent activities, particularly in the realm of e-payment transactions. Individuals are being targeted through deceptive tactics that involve persuading them to transfer or deposit agreed-upon sums of money for purported buying and selling transactions. Disturbingly, these transactions are facilitated through fake “online payment” messages, and the Ministry is cautioning citizens and residents to remain vigilant.

In an official statement posted on the ministry’s verified platform on the social networking site “X” this morning, authorities stressed the need for heightened awareness among the public. The warning specifically emphasizes the deceptive nature of these schemes, wherein individuals are lured into transferring money without the funds being deposited into legitimate bank accounts.

The Ministry has urged citizens and residents to take proactive measures to safeguard their financial transactions. It recommends verifying the authenticity of transactions by reviewing bank accounts, confirming receipt of text messages from the bank, or visiting the nearest branch in person. These precautionary steps are essential to prevent falling victim to the growing wave of electronic payment fraud.

As online transactions become an integral part of daily life, the Ministry is actively working to raise awareness about the risks associated with fraudulent operations. By disseminating this warning, authorities hope to empower the public with the knowledge and tools needed to protect themselves from financial scams.

The Ministry of the Interior remains committed to ensuring the safety and security of citizens and residents, urging everyone to stay informed and exercise caution in their financial dealings. As technology continues to advance, staying vigilant against evolving forms of fraud is crucial to maintaining the integrity of electronic transactions in the digital age.

This news has been read 1741 times!

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